How can I obtain DHL Shipping software?

DHL Web Shipping and 

DHL Connect shipping software is available for download on our web sites. You will need a DHL account to use these programs so, if you wish, you can 

apply for an account on-line. To get a copy of 

DHL EasyShip, you will need to contact 

customer service.

When will my shipment arrive?


DHL Tracking page can provide up-to-date information on your shipment location. If you require a time definite delivery, please consider using our 

Time Definite Delivery services.

What methods of payment can I use to deal with DHL?

We encourage anyone who ships frequently to open a DHL account. This offers you negotiated price savings and the opportunity to pay by monthly invoice. Occasional shippers can pay by cheque or cash.

How do I request credit for a DHL Time Definite Delivery that was not delivered by the specified time?

In the unlikely event of a Time Definite Delivery missing its scheduled delivery due to DHL’s fault, you should contact your local 

customer service department who will arrange for a credit.

How do I report a loss/damage claim for a DHL shipment that failed to arrive, or was damaged?

If your shipment failed to arrive, it is important that you contact customer service with an accurate description of the goods and their packaging. Our ‘found shipment centres’ hold on to items that were not well addressed or that became detached from their packaging. It is possible that they will be able to reunite you with your shipment. If this fails, please contact 

customer service to file a report.

Please note that damage to goods in transit is frequently the result of inadequate packaging. Please see our 

packaging tips for advice on how to minimise the risk of damage to your shipments.

What is the maximum size of package I can send?

For purely operational reasons (the size of the door openings on our vans and planes), we ask that a shipment not exceed 120 cm in any one dimension. However, we will be pleased to advise you and arrange carriage of larger items. Additionally, for the safety of our couriers, we require notification of shipments over 50kg in weight.

I would like to buy stock in DHL, under what ticker is it traded?

DHL is not a publicly listed company and is 100% owned by Deutsche Post World Net.
For more information, please go to 

Deutsche Post World Net Investor Relations.

I am going to buy some products from an overseas vendor that uses DHL to ship. Will I have to pay import duty on the items I purchase?

This is a matter that you will have to discuss with the vendor. It depends on the type of commodity you are purchasing, the value of the goods, how the vendor labels them for customs purposes and what country you are importing them into. If customs imposes a charge DHL will pay this at first instance, but you are advised to pay this, whether or not you accept delivery of the goods.

Our company would like to begin exporting products to several countries. As we have no previous experience of doing this, can DHL advise us?

Of course, DHL has an unrivalled experience of international shipping. Please contact your local DHL 

customer service department, and they will have someone contact you to discuss your needs.

I wish to contact a particular DHL office, but your web site does not show the telephone number or an e-mail address!

Where a DHL office has a dedicated customer service number, we try to bring you that number on our web site and we will continue to extend this feature. If no number is shown, please use the 

feedback form on our web site. If you select the country correctly from the pull-down list on the feedback page, your message will be immediately routed to that country’s customer service department, and they will get back to you promptly.